My name is Jennifer Almeida. As you already know, I am the author of this “fanfiction” story. It’s a mix about my favourite stories. Now I will write something more about me and about how I came up with this story.

Long time ago, I used to play Second Life, while I was running from Real Life (being bullied outside … I didn’t feel safe, even high school it was hell. Second Life, is a virtual game that still exist I made a lot of friends there. You may ask how can you make friends if you never have seen them? Second Life is something interesting, I am still amazed after all this years … it’s just a virtual machine but what makes second life beautiful was it was created by lot’s of people you could build your own paradise your own fantasy and that’s how this story became a life. But life changes, people stopped playing ( I don’t blame them, everyone has a life) and so has the story also changed, the pack died because everyone quiet…

I live in Belgium, it’s a small country. I was around 14-15 years old when I started to play Second Life.

I own a husky, her name is Shanti she is 4 years old. And every time I look at her I remember always how much I loved to play second life and how interesting huskies and wolves are.

The funny fact is the story is always in my head but never had the time to write it down, but now I am willing to write it down.

Here is a pic of me and my dog