It was 5am in the morning. I’m still tired but I woke up by some chickens. Now I have met Samara and discovered how she is. I won’t forget her in my life. We were still at the lake, Kiara , Cayden and me were drinking water. The water was fresh and cold. For the first time in my life I sensed a change in the sky. I turned my head to east and saw that dawn had broken. I looked at the sky and the sky in the opposite direction was still dark, but somewhere in the east there was a mixture of orange and yellow on the horizon beneath a dark blue sky of the night that had begun to evaporate. Against the three-colored sky, trees and the water of the lake were like shadows. It was beautiful to watch it but not much later the sunrise had become even more beautiful as the sun peeked over the horizon. The sky had now become pink like a sea of sakura blossom , with the light of the sun coloring the clouds above with a pinkish hue. The nature can be beautiful sometimes if you see it with your own eyes.
As the sun slowly rose, disappear quietly the beautiful colors into light blue of sky. This was one of the most beautiful sunrises I ever had seen before. I closed my eyes for a few seconds to save this sunrise into my memories. Suddenly I hear something else, I hear footsteps, they are coming to us. The footsteps I’m hearing come from the west. “Someone is coming.” I said to Kiara and Cayden. They looked at me with weird faces, they were asking the same question as me. Who is coming? Few seconds later, we saw something coming from the west, but the shadow tells us that there are three animals coming to us. Not much later we could see who they are. A cheetah and two tigers appeared in front of us. The cheetah wasn’t very tall but very thin, it has a golden fur with spots all over it. I look through the eyes of the cheetah, they were green as the grass in the spring. Then I took a look at the two tigers. The tigers were much bigger than the cheetah, they had a snow white coat with black stripes down their back. Their eyes had a nice blue color. Not looking evil at all, but who knows? Appearance can be fool sometimes. Hmm maybe they were looking for Samara. Slowly I went to them. “No Meimi stay here.” Said Kiara to me. But it was too late I was already there to them. “Hello sirs, if you’re looking for a black wolf and other wolves, they disappeared to that way.” I showed to them the road with my right front leg. I look at their faces but they seem not to be interested where Samara went… The cheetah was still looking at me with a serious face. “You and your friend grey wolf are banned from Lost Ferals!” said the cheetah angry. I looked at the cheetah with an incomprehensible face, banned? I was confused, what did I do to be banned asked I to myself wondering. I tried to remember what happened this morning, Samara woke me up and she attacked Kiara and Cayden and I attacked Samara back by fire. What was wrong? “Banned? Why?” asked I worried. I’m new here at Lost Ferals. Lost Ferals seemed to be a nice land when I entered here at first, but now it seems it isn’t that nice as it looks like and besides that I don’t know even the rules. On the same time I hope I didn’t do anything wrong… The cheetah was still looking at me. My soldiers have seen that you and your friend were attacking with fire and Samara got hurted!” growled cheetah very angry at me. She showed me her teeth. Well her teeth weren’t that big as Kiara”s teeth. “I can explain it to you. I was just protecting Kiara, Samara attacked Kiara her first, so we attacked her back. Would you let your friend being attacked by someone while you see it and do nothing to stop it? Is that bad? I don’t think so.” Cheetah was thinking and looked at Kiara, to see where she was hurt. It looks like Cheetah knows Samara very well. I hope they are not friends. Then cheetah looked at me again, but this time more friendly. “Sorry, rules are rules.” “Rules? But you can’t ban me, Kiara is the princess of Lost Ferals. I’m sure she won’t ban me right Kiara?” I looked at Kiara and Kiara looked at me for a second and then she turned her head to the ground. Euh? I don’t understand this, if Simba her father isn’t on charge to take care of the land. His daughter should take care of the land, right that’s how things works, I think.

“Hahaha, that’s very funny. Look Kiara can’t take the control of this land, the land is in charge by king Mgeni.” Laughed cheetah at me. I felt something cold over my body. Mgeni? I tried to remember the movie I had been watching with the children. I was 100 percent sure that there was no Mgeni in the movie. “Mgeni? Who is he?” I looked at the cheetah with my confused head. “You’re kidding me right? You don’t know our great king? Didn’t Kiara told you anything?” Asked the cheetah to me in a deep voice. I wasn’t kidding at all. This conversation is a bit weird to me. “Look cheetah, I’m new here. Just arrived yesterday I don’t know who Mgeni is and the bad guy is Samara here. Had your soldiers seen what happen before I attacked Samara?” Asked I to cheetah. The cheetah growled again at me and shows her teeth again. I’m not afraid of her. “What they have seen or not it is not your business and didn’t your friend Cayden tell you that it is forbidden to use her powers!?” Asked Cheetah to me while she was watching at Cayden. Cayden looked at the sky, like he didnt hear what cheetah said to me. I looked at Cayden and was a bit mad at him, he could have told me before. I don’t want to be banned from something that I didn’t know it.
Well this conversation looks to go on the bad way. And why should cheetah be mad for something little? The cheetah has certainly to do something better than interrupting us right? What a shame that her soldiers didn’t see what really happened. Come on Samara attacked a princess! This all is confusing me, what is more important the rules or the princess of the land? I don’t know and what I know is, I don’t want to get problems. I looked at cheetah. “No, but….” I was just going to say something but the cheetah interrupted me.”No? End of discussion you two are banned and Kiara what are you still doing there?” Asked Cheetah while she was staring to Kiara with an angry face. Kiara tries to stand up but she falls down on the ground. I helped her to stand up. She walked slowly to the direction of cheetah. My eyes were staring at Kiara, every step she walked my eyes followed her till she reached to the cheetah. I still couldn’t believe that I got banned. I shook my head and sit on the ground, looking at Kiara and cheetah talking. Well they were whispering so that I couldn’t hear what they were saying to each other. Cayden stood up and he walked to the direction to me. He came next to me and sit near me and I pushed him away, I was still mad at him but he understands why I pushed him away and he whispered something to me that only I could hear him. “I’m sorry… I just… wanted to protect you…please forgive me…” I looked at his eyes and I know he was talking the true. I closed my eyes and nodded to him. I wanted to talk with Kiara but she was busy talking to cheetah… I sighed. Suddenly Kiara raised her voice.
“We were drinking at the lake and we were being attacked by Samara, she has bitten my leg and now my leg is broken!” said Kiara in sad and mad voice. I could hear how hard she was breathing and how her heart was beating so fast. She was scared. I found it strange that I could hear her heartbeat from this distance. Even she knew the rules and nobody told me. The cheetah growled at Kiara. I wanted to go to them but Cayden stopped me. I whispered to him: “What are you doing? Let me go!” Cayden looked at me and whispered back: “Just wait here, let them speak first, okay?” I sighed. “Okay..” I put my concentration again to Kiara. Her heartbeat was still the same. “Ok, yes I know using powers are against the rules. But they were just protecting me.Why is this bad? Can we not see this as an exception?” Asked Kiara calmy to cheetah. I could hear a changing of her heart beating. It is now more slowly and calm. “Did you used powers?” Asked Cheetah. Kiara looked at her and she was laughing. “You know I don’t have powers cheetah.” The cheetah grinned at her and shows her teeth to show her that she wasn’t laughing at all. “Hehe, maybe you say you don’t have powers but who is telling me that you’re lying?” Growled cheetah at her. I was confusing Kiara said to cheetah that she doesn’t have powers, or does he have powers?

I shook my head again. “Cheetah, you know that I don’t lie. One day i’ll take care of this land and you will follow my order!” said Kiara to cheetah while she smiled to cheetah. The cheetah growled back. “Ok! Alex can you take Kiara on your back and go to Woozel, she will her leg.” Ordered Cheetah to Alex. Alex was one of the big white tiger. He picked Kiara up on his back with no problems. It was amazing to see how strong he was but I hope Kiara will be alright. But I shook my head again and stood up. I walked very slowly to them. Because I wanted to talk with Kiara before she goes. Alex looked at cheetah. “But, madame…” Cheetah interrupted Alex.
“No, but! Just do what I say!” Said cheetah so angry that Alex was scared of her. I could hear the heartbeating of cheetah. It is getting faster and faster. She was getting angry. “Yes, Madame” said Alex. Alex wanted to walk with Kiara on his back but I stopped him.
“WAIT! Can I not say goodbye to Kiara?” Asked I. Kiara looked at me and turned her head away. I sighed because this would be the last time that I would see Kiara ever again before I leave this place. Alex looked at cheetah and he was waiting for an answer. The cheetah stumped on the ground and was thinking deep. “Ok Meimi, you have two minutes to say goodbye to Kiara! Alex put Kiara on the ground. Let those two say goodbye to each other.” Ordered cheetah to Alex. Alex took slowly Kiara of his back and put her calmly on the ground. He didn’t want to hurt her. I don’t like cheetah, she thinks she is the boss of this place which I was sure she wasn’t… When I got to Kiara, cheetah and Alex left us alone.
“Kiara, I’m so confused. I’ve many question to ask but in so little time we have…” “Meimi, I don’t have time to explain it to you. I’m so sorry that you got banned and I can’t help you with unbanning you…” “But why can you not help me? You’re the princess Kiara…” “Meimi there is no time left to explain, sooner or later you’ll find out why.” “30 seconds left!” Shouted cheetah to us. “Okay, Meimi… Listen very clearly to me what I’m going to say to you.” I look at Kiara”s eyes. I took a deep breath and I was waiting what Kiara has to tell me. “Okay, go to Uhre. It is the best place to train your powers. I think there is anything you need for to train you, Orenda Meimi!” “What? Uhre? But you have to tell me more about the Orenda.” Suddenly we were interrupted by cheetah. “Time is over and why were you talking about Orenda?” Asked cheetah to Kiara. “I have no time to explain it to you Meimi, Cayden may explain it to you or else you have to look for someone else and I will send a notice from here to you!” Said Kiara. I saw Alex picking her up again on his back. I don’t know how Kiara is going to send me message. But at last she will send something from here, which I’m glad to hear that. I will miss her alot. It does hurt me to think that I’m not allowed to see her anymore. That wasn’t funny at all… “Your time is done, time to go!” shouted Cheetah to me. Ok was she telling the seconds that we were talking? She is not that social, the cheetah.
“Ok, bye Kiara, I will miss you!” said I sad. “I will miss you too, Orenda Meimi! But don’t forget to go to Uhre!” “What did you said Kiara? Meimi, Orenda? Haha, that is a good joke! let’s go!” Demanded cheetah to her soldiers. Alex was running so fast that I couldn’t see where Kiara went. “Toger! You guide this two wolves to the exit of the Lost Ferals.” Order cheetah to Toger. Toger looks just like Alex, they looked twins. “Ok, madam.” Toger came to us. I went to Cayden. “Please follow me.” Said Toger to us. So we followed him and left The Diamond Lake place. We said no goodbye to cheetah. It took us a few minutes till we got to the exit. “Okay here we”re. Make sure you two never come back to here or else…” Said Toger to us. I was analysing his face and he looks sad. “Or else what?” “You will get problems! Now leave!” Growled he to us. “Let’s go walking brother…” Cayden looked at me and he nodded. We left Lost Ferals for good. I turned my head to watch Lost Ferals for the last time. The perfect land turned into a hell with Samara out there and who is Mgeni? I had so many things to ask and I was so confusing what all happened to me. We were walking out until we were at the place from whence we came when we wanted to go to Lost Ferals. Suddenly I stopped with walking. I sat down and need to think were we going. Cayden stopped with walking too. He turned around and he saw me sitting on the ground. Without thinking he came to sit near me. “Are you okay sis?” Asked he worried to me. “Yes, I’m alright, I just need to think about everything what Kiara told me and what all happened to me in one day.” “What did Kiara told you?” I look at Cayden’s face, unbelievable , he really didn’t listen to our conversation. I shook my head and tried to remember what Kiara told me. “Well… she said that I had to go to Uhre to train my powers and she also told me that you might tell me more about the Orenda stuffs…” Cayden was thinking deeply what I just told him. “Hmm… Uhre hé?” I look at him, like he wanted to hear again. “Yes, Uhre….that’s what she told me… but I have no idea where that is….” “Hmm, Uhre… I have hear about that , I think I know where it is.” “Oh great! But what about the Orenda, can you tell me more about it?” Cayden looked at me through my eyes and he sighed. “I wish I could you tell you more about it, but I only know one animal who can help us, Simka the Asa.” I looked confused: “Asa?”

“Yes, Asa, she can help us a lot.” “But what is Asa?” He looked at me and he was laughing. Did I just tell a joke? Without knowing it? He looked at me and realised that I wasn’t joking at all. “Oh, sorry… Asa means doctor, healing power and she is a smart fox. Believe me or not she can do more then only healing animals. “A fox?” Wow, I know humans used to hunt after the foxes. But those foxes are actually smart and beautiful creature and I believe they are a part of the dog family. They are a distant relative of the jackals and wolves. “Euh, for telling the true, she is more a euh… a spirit fox.” ” A spirit fox?” Never hear that in my life. But it seems that powers exist why shouldn’t the spirits exist then. This world is full with mysterious and I have to learn a lot about it. I think I don’t know everything yet. “Yes a spirit fox…” “How does she look like?” I wanted to learn everything and I want to know how she looks like. I was for telling the true, curious how a spirit fox looks like. “Well… I only have met her once. Let me think how she looks like.”Cayden closed his eyes to search his memories and I was waiting for his answer.
“She is the same size of a normal fox. Her fur is white and has a glowing effect. She has three tails, almost like a kitsune and she has purple eyes, the color of wisdom Said Cayden. ” Wow three tails? But where did you two met each other?” Now I was really curious. “that’s another story, I’ll tell you that later.” I sensed something cold. I looked at the sky, the sky changed quietly from light blue to dark blue. I saw big dark puffy clouds forming coming. This is not good. It is going to be heavy rain. The clouds were very dark, I knew it was going to be thunder. When the thunder finally came it was not that far away, but still it was very loud, it gave a set in my body because it just came when I least expected it. “Brother, we need to hide us, we have to go to Avarian. There we can make plans. There is anything what we need for now; food , water and somewhere to hide us.” “You’re right Avarian is not far away from here but we have to hurry. It’s going to be a heavy rain.” Cayden looked at the sky and in a rapid speed he ran away like the wind. I followed him quickly. Wow he was fast. I was sure that Uhre isn’t far away from Avarian and Avarian is a good place to talk with my brother calmy. Like I said I had many questions to ask. So we were running and we didn’t say a word to each other. There was no time to lose. The rain started and we haven’t arrived at Avarian yet. The rain was cold. But not that much. We ran and ran, and finally we arrived at Avarian. “Now we just need to find a dry cave.” Cayden said. He is right, I looked around, it was a bit difficult to see because of the raindrops in my eyes. But finally I saw a cave near a cliff, “There!” I said and pointed to Cayden. Cayden watched where I pointed to him and he nodded to me. We ran over to it and entered it. It was a nice size for two wolves. I shook the body to get most of the water off, and the same did Cayden. I laid down and watched the rain. It was heavy and I could hear the thunder and lightening, it sounds like they were fighting. I watched it for a while and fell asleep. Cayden slept next to me and I could hear him snoring but I didnt cared that much. I was tired of all that running and tired of thinking what all have happen to me which I still couldnt believe it.
The morning came up, the sun shinning has woke me up. I slowly opened my eyes, I could feel that Cayden was still next to me and he is sleeping as a baby . I didn’t really know what happen, but I can say it was a very long trip and I slept good.
I stood up and I hear my stomach growling. It’s time to hunt. I went to outside and left Caydend behind. The morning was cold but the day has woken up. Cayden was still sleeping , I didn’t want to wake him up. I hunt like Cayden taught me and caught two bunnies. One for me and for Cayden. This time it was more easier to catch a bunny. Cayden will be proud of me. I smiled to myself. I have to go back to the cave. I was walking and I brought the two dead bunnies with me to the cave. Cayden has just woken up, it seems. He yawned and stretched his legs out. I’m on time, I guess. Cayden looked at me and said with a jokingly smile: “Haha see who’s the master Hunter now?” I grinned to him and throw the bunny to him. “Here for you, you should be happy that I got some food for you.” “Okay, okay, I’m kinda surprised, you caught two bunnies on the same time, which is difficult. You did a good job sis and thank you for the bunny, I’m starving.” I smiled at him. “You’re welcome.” We ate quietly our breakfast. After some minutes we were finished with eating our food. My stomach is full and it was delicious the bunny. I sat down and I was thinking where Uhre should be. I watched Cayden for a while, he looked at me again with a curious face till he decided to say something. “Are you okay sis? You’re making me worry a little bit…” I kept looking at him until I shake my head and woke up to reality. I wanted to ask him something, so I could understand better what is going on with me. “Cayden, can you explain me why I’m the Orenda, that Kiara so much wonderingly.” Now I know what an Orenda means: The Magic Power . But why me? You have to be kidding me, but if this is true, I would never have believed it before. I waited for Cayden’s answer, but he didn’t said a word. “Well it is just a story, right?” Asked I wondering. I wasn’t following so well what had happened. I won’t see Kiara anymore and I’m banned from Lost Ferals and I got an enemy,… well I wasn’t asking for that, but alright I realised everyone has an enemy…somehow…but why me? “Meimi… stop thinking like that, it is not a story, this is real! And if they choose you… it is because you’re the only one who can save the world!” Said Cayden loudly to me. “Me? The whole world? One wolf? You have to be kidding me, but why didn’t they choose you? I mean you can fight , you know a lot about life…. and I’m just a simple dog or better a wolf who wanted to have some freedom and I don’t like fighting nor a war…” I saw Cayden sighed. “Meimi, listen to me for once…. they chose you not me, okay? Your fire attack and the flash lighting around you is the prove that you are the Orenda….And well… Kiara …. didn’t tell you the whole legend of The Diamond Lake… only a few of animals knows the story…” Said Cayden calmy. I look at his face, didn’t Kiara tell the whole legend? Now I’m more confused, so there is more? Well it doesn’t surprise me somehow in this mysterious world… “And do you know the whole legend then?” Asked I wondering to him. “No… not really all what I know is you’ve all the powers that exist in you. What the powers are, I don’t know you have to figure it out… but Simka knows a lot more than I do.” “Oh, great and now what a big world to save it and only one wolf can save the entire world, great…” Said I with an unhappy voice and I even don’t know how to start it and where to start. “Hey, calm down you’re not the only one, you know that! You’ll have friends and they will help you! But first since we are here in Avarian, we can find Simka, she will lead us the road and she will us a lot.” Said Cayden happy, I saw his eyes glistening of happyness. I giggled at him. “Okay you’re right, let’s find that Simka.”
A new adventure began here. This is not the life that I wanted for but well I got at least freedom. This is all weird. But one thing i was pretty sure, this isn’t a dream,it is true.

But on the same time in Lost Ferals…
“No, that can’t be true, that little girl is the Orenda?” said Samara Angry… Samara was walking around her den. Her den was hidden somewhere in Lost Ferals, nobody knows where Samara hidden herself. She was thinking for an answer to this question. She was very mad and scared at the same time. Her mate Luccas is worry about Samara. Luccas is a bit taller than Samara and he is also black like her and has amber eyes. He saw her walking around the den like she was getting crazy. He decided to calm her down.
“Darling?” Asked Luccas worried to her. “What?” Growled Samara to him. “Calm down, sweetheart… I saw it too with my own eyes and it is true that girl is the Orenda, what should we do now darling?” Asked Luccas to her. Samara sat down and she shook her head to think. ” I even couldn’t read that girl’s thoughts, it was blocked somehow, that never happened to me before but I could read Cayden’s thoughts and that girl has no idea of the Orenda stuffs.” Said Luccas to Samara. Luccas has the power to read animals thoughts. He could read their minds if they are hiding something or if they are lying and other stuffs minds he could read it too.
Samara looked at her mate and she grinned. “Hmm, very interesting… so that girl knows nothing what she can do and what her weakness points are?” Luccas looked at her and he was asking to himself what point wants Samara go to. “Yes?” He said with his eyebrow raised. “That’s good news, I have to think for a plan…” Said Samara quietly. She stood up and Luccas went to her. “What are we going to do with it?” Asked Luccas to his mate.
“For now…. I don’t know, but she will not destroy my plans!” Said Samara angry. She turned around and she looked at Jacob. Jacob is her adopted son. Samara adopted him or better telling she kidnapped him, while he was still a baby. She killed his parents, why? Nobody knows it yet. Jacob never know that part of the story that he was kidnapped by Samara and that Samara killed his parents. He always thought that his parents left him behind. Jacob is a teenager wolf. He has a beige/brown fur with a dark brown back, ears and tail tip and a spot on his forehead. He has a black ‘crown’ that covers his upper head. His muzzle, belly and legs are white with four black paws and has grey eyes. “You Jacob!” Pointed Samara to him. “Yes, mum?” Said Jacob calmy.
“You take an eye for those prisoners while your dad and your mum are away for awhile, you understand it?!” Asked Samara to her adopted son. Jacob rolled his eyes and said: “Alright mum… I will take an eye on those prisoners….” “Good boy! I am proud of you!” Said Samara with a smile to her son. Samara and Luccas went to the outside, while Jacob went to the prisoners. He did what his mother asked him to do it.

Back to Avarian…

Now we are outside, I was wondering about something. I saw Cayden’s necklace… it has the same sign as on my head. “Meimi you okay, why are you standing here, we have to go…” I stared at Cayden and looked through his eyes. “Right, before we go can I ask you something?”
“Yes, go ahead.” “I was wondering about your necklace, because it has the same sign as on my head, that thunderbolt. And I was always wondering about that sign and where… did you got that …necklace?” “Well firstly I got that from grandma… and this symbol means… Braveness…” I saw Cayden staring at the ground and he looked very sad. I saw his face and I knew there was something that he doesn’t want to tell me. “What happened… to…grandma?” Asked I slowly to him, I don’t want to hurt him but I was curious. Cayden looked at me with angry eyes. I hope I didn’t asked something wrong.
“Meimi, don’t get me wrong but I really don’t want to tell you, It’s kinda privacy, you know…I hope you understand me” Said Cayden to me in a calm voice.
“Oh, I understand, but promise me that you will tell me one day? I know this is privacy, but she was my grandma too, I’ve the right to know what happened but I respect you if you don’t want to tell me…” It was silence for a moment. Cayden was staring to the sky.
“Alright, but not now, you are right about it, but it is for me kinda difficult and hard, but I promise.” Said Cayden to me with a smile on his face, but his eyes tells me the other way, sadness. Before I could say something to him, my ears were sharper, I hear something weird….. a voice, someone screaming of pain?
“Where came that noise?” “Noise? I didn’t hear anything. It must be a bird or something.” Said Cayden to me with a smile. “A bird? I don’t think I could have hear a bird from that far away.. I think you need to get your ears checked then.” I said and gave him a sarcastic look. “Hehe, very funny, look Meimi I didn’t hear something it must be you….” Before I wanted to say something, I hear the voice again….
“Did you hear it?” “What did I hear?” “The voice…” ” Meimi, what are you talking about…. are you sick, do you have fever?” “If I had fever I would probably not standing here, but come on, follow me , it came from east.” Said I in a serious voice to him. Cayden sighed and he followed me.
It was so loud the screaming help voice, I wonder why he couldn’t hear it… Cayden and I were running in the direction of where the voice came from. A half hour later we came to a place, with a lot of rocks, few trees but not special to see. But there in the middle of nowhere we saw something. I was curious what it was.
There was a female black wolf laying on the ground. Her fur was as black as coal, apart from the tip of her tail being a white colour and her right paw also white. I looked at Cayden and he couldn’t believe his own eyes or he didn’t understand how comes that I could hear it from so far away. I think we have been running for 100 km, I don’t know I lost my counts, what I know was it was far away from Cayden’s den. I went to the wolf, I could see that the wolf is hurt, I see the leg bleeding. I wonder how that happened.
“Are you ok?” Asked I to the stranger black wolf. I see she has pain. I want to help her, but I have no idea how. The black wolf looked at me with tired eyes.
“I need water; I don’t feel so well… ouch my leg, it hurts.” Screamed the black wolf. “Cayden, we need Simka and now, before she dies… her leg won’t stop bleeding”. I looked at the black wolf again, her eyes are steel blue-gray but I was a bit scared, because she has so much pain and I don’t know how to help her. “Yeah, Simka…but we have to pass over the lake, there is where Simka is living Said Cayden to me while he was still watching at the black wolf. I took my scarf out and I tied my scarf carefully attached to her leg to stop the bleeding, i’ll wash my scarf afterwards, her life was more important than the scarf that mum gave it to me. I look back to Cayden and he saw what I did to the black wolf.
“Okay but how do we cross over the lake?” I know the lake was big over there, I could see it from here and I know that the water is wild enough because after the lake there is a big waterfall. So how do we cross over the lake?
“Hmm, maybe there are some beavers around here to help us. I will take the black wolf on my bag and you follow me, okay?” Asked Cayden to me. Beavers? Here in Avarian? At least there are animals living here. But how can the beavers help us? Cayden took the black wolf on his back and I went to her. I didn’t know how she calls, so I was curious. “What’s your name stranger?” Asked I to the black wolf. I was wondering how she got hurt like that. I analysed the place, sniffed the air, but I couldn’t pick any smell. It was quite long time ago it seems. “My name is Rachel, auw! My leg!” Screamed Rachel in a pain voice. “Well it is nice to meet you…., hurry brother!”Said I to him. I don’t know Cayden so good, but he seems to be very strong he carried Rachel without any problem. I followed him to the lake. He knows this place so good. It looked like he had lived here for years. Oh well he was grown up here… that makes sense…
Not much later we arrived to the lake, the lake was very broad and there was no bridge to get to the other side. I analysed around to see the beaver but I don’t see any beavers here around and I still wonder how they can help us. “Cayden… I don’t see any beavers here around…. and do we really have to cross over the lake? Is there not another way to go to Simka?” Cayden turned around and he stared at me: “Nope… This is the way.. We might get wet paws, but hey, It’s better than walking over the mountains instead…”Said Cayden with a joking smile. I grinned to him but suddenly I hear someone behind me… “Hey all, who said there were no beavers here around?” I turned around and thanks goodness there is a beaver in front of me. The beaver was like other beavers, brown with big teeth…nothing special to see on him. “Euh none said that, you must have heard it wrong…well we said… actually I said I don’t see any griever here…but hey can you help us? Our friend is hurt and we have to cross over that lake…” I hope he can help us. How I don’t know. Cayden said that beavers could help us. Well we will see. I could hear that Cayden was laughing in a silent way.The beaver turned around and went to Cayden to see Rachel.
“Hmm, I see it is emergency, let me see what I can do for you both!” Said the beaver. The beaver left us behind and ran to south. “What is he going to do?” Asked I wondering to Cayden. Cayden smiled and said: “Hehe, what do you think that beavers do?” Oh great I should have know that he won’t tell me, but I guess “Cutting some trees down?” “Bingo, see that wasn’t so difficult to think.” Said Cayden with a joking smile. “Ya, alright next time I will think first before I ask something to you…Mr.Einstein.” I saw Cayden laughing at me, but I don’t care. I will pay him back for this. Said I smiling to myself. “Hmm, why are you smiling Meimi?” Asked Cayden wondering to me. I look at him and saw he was curious. “Oh, nothing, I was just thinking how smart brother I have and that I am happy to have you here around.” “Oh, what would you do now without me?” Asked Cayden to me. “You’re right… I would probably be bored without a clown brother like you around to entertain me…” Said I in a big smile to him. “Yeah, right… oh look over there, the beaver is back with some cut down trees.” I turned me back and saw indeed the beaver with some cut trees. I’ve to admit that he was fast. He had cut the trees behind and went back to pick up some newer cut trees. The beaver did this for a while, meanwhile Cayden had quietly put Rachel on the ground. I sat next to her to give her warmth and Cayden went to help the beaver so the work went faster. I was wondering where the rest of the beavers were, I mean this is to much work for just only one beaver. The beaver carried the new fallen trees in his mouth. It wasn’t many trees in my eyes, but it really looked like he had his mouth full. And as he got closer I saw the trees were a bit thicker than I thought. Not much later, the beaver starts to bite the trees with his big teeth. I saw Cayden helping him with putting the trees on the water. I glanced at Rachel and I heard her whispering for water. I pushed her gently away from me and I stood quietly up. While Cayden and the beaver were putting the trees on the water, went I to the lake. I took a sip of the water, but didn’t drink it. Quickly ran I to Rachel. She was still laying there on the ground like I left her. I dropped me quietly and looked at her, gently I came closer to her and let the water flow slowly into her mouth while kissing. She drank the water and I sat down next to her. She is getting more weak and I was bit worried. I look at cayden and it seems the beaver and Cayden are finished creating the bridge. Cayden took Rachel on his back again, we went to bridge. “Thank you for everything, eeuh…” Said I to the beaver. ” My name is Juppyj, but you can call me JJ.” Said the beaver. “Ok! Thank you so much JJ! I will never forget you”. I wonder where the rest of the beavers were. “You must hurry, the water is getting stronger, the bridge won’t take that long.” Said the beaver to us. We followed his advice, the water is getting indeed stronger. Cayden, I and Rachel passed over the lake thanks to JJ. When we got across, the bridge broke down. We were watching the bridge and then to the other side of the lake where we came from first, JJ has disappeared. Where he went we don’t know.

Cayden put quietly Rachel down on the ground and I went to him. “Ok, you said you know where we can find her, but where is she then? I don’t see her.” Said I to Cayden in a worry voice. I’m worry because of Rachel, she is losing blood too much. “Well we just have to call her name….” Said Cayden in a silence voice. “You have to be kidding me right? You mean we did this way all for nothing? While we just could call her name?” I was mad at him. How could he play with this serious things. “Meimi, I wish I could tell you that on time, but there are rules. She lives here and she is kinda forbidden to accros the other side of the lake…” I could not believe what I just have heard. “Why…?” “Long story Meimi, for telling the true, I don’t know so much about that. But let’s call her name alright?” “Okay…” He just made me curious. But I guess we don’t have time to lose. let’s call her.
“Simka!!!” But nothing happened so we tried again. “Simka!!”
Simka suddenly appeared in a swarm of blue stars things with a magical sound. It was beautiful
“Hello Cayden, it is a surprise to see you again.”Said Simka to him and I saw Cayden grinned to her. “Hello I’m… suddenly she interrupted me. “You’re Meimi, the Orenda… I have been waiting for you. I know you would come. “How do you know me?” “Well let’s say, last night I dreamt about you, it was not just a dream, you can call it a vision dream. But enough talking for now. You called me for ?” Asked Simka to me. I took a look at her and Cayden gave me the right details of her. She was indeed impressed.
“Oh, our friend Rachel is hurt can you heal her please?” said I in a silent voice. “Yes sure, I will take a look at her.” Simka went to her, she analysed her where she had pain. “Impressed, Meimi is this your scarf?” “Yes it is… it was from my mum.” “You have saved her life, or else she was already dead.”
Simka”s hand became a light blue hand. From her hand came out a swarm of little blue stars.I never seen that before. My scarf was cleaned and has no blood on it. Rachel legs has stopped bleeding. Her leg seems to be healed.
I was wondering can I do that as well? But anyways It’s very nice and cool effect. But I hope Rachel will be alright.
“Rachel is going to be fine, she needs a lot of rest. But well It’s getting dark now, I will orb you all to my home for to sleep over.” Said Simka. “Orb? what’s that?” asked I confused. “Well you’ll see.” Said Cayden. “Oh, well I hope it is nothing scary.” Said I. Ok I realized this world has more secrets than I thought and I wasn’t waiting for this.

3 seconds later…
Poof!! Rachel,Simka,Cayden and I came into Simka”s house. “Wow! How do you do that?! We were like flying in the air” said I. It was so fast! And it had a wonderful feeling. “Let’s go to sleep!” Decided Cayden.
Simka’s house wasn’t so big; it was good for a few animals. There was a big bookcase, with many books. Spells books and adventure books. I think she likes reading. While the others were sleeping near the fireplace. I went to Simka, she was sitting on her chair and she was reading a book. “Can I ask you something?” “Sure, go ahead.” “How did you do that, you healed Rachel. I want to be able to heal animals too.” “I wish I could teach but I can’t… there is no way to teach, because you already know how to use it. You’re the Orenda.” “So you can’t teach me? I don’t know how to heal animals. You must teach me please.” “Meimi, to heal someone is a very nice special power. But they key of healing is Love. “Love?” “Yes Love, look…. love is like a river, it starts at one point and flows to where it was to be intended, the flow does not stop when you’ve found your soulmate, the flow remains until he found the sea.” “So I’ve to find my soulmate?” “No, you have to find the real meaning of love, you have to feel it. When you have found it, you’re able to heal everyone and to orb like I did.” “Okay, I think I get it now, thank you in anyways.” “You’re welcome, you better go to sleep, tomorrow is a big day for you and for the others as well.” “You’re right, goodnight Simka.” “Goodnight Meimi.” I went to Rachel and layed next to her. To give her some warmth.


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