While was walking out of town, I took a last glance back at the town where I grew up. I would probably never see it again. I was starting a new life in the wild. I walked through the forest, luckily the wind was calm and the snow was not so high. I sniffed around, no enemies were near me. I ran and ran, and after some hours I arrived at a warm place without snow. Only grass, trees and sand. I looked around with big curious eyes, “Wow” I thought to myself. Suddenly I felt my stomach grumbling. I looked around, in hope to find something to eat. Suddenly I saw a bunny, he was eating grass peacefully. I decided to give it a try, I laid down in the grass, making me as invisible as possible and sneaked closer to the rabbit. I accidently hit a rock with my paw, the rabbit began to run and I ran after it. I ran as fast as I could but the rabbit was too fast. When I was about to get it, it ran down in a hole in the ground. It happened so fast I couldn’t stop in time before my muzzle was in the hole. I pulled my head free from the hole and removed the earth from my muzzle with my paw. I could hear a little laugh from the hole, it was the rabbit, “Better luck next time, wolf!” It said. I snorted, “Hmpf…” I walked away again. I walked up to a hill and cleaned my muzzle. “Who are you?” a stranger’s voice said. I looked up and saw a grey wolf, he was wearing a collar with a thunder symbol on it. “I’m Meimi, I’m from Alaska.”
“Meimi? Is that really you?” He asked. Duh of course I am, who else’s name is Meimi? Unless he knows more animals whose names are Meimi, which is unbelievable. But I was curious and confused at the same time, why is he asking me that question? “Yeah. How do you know my name?” “It’s me, Cayden. Your big brother. I left the family 2 years ago.” “Cayden? Oh my… Is that really you? I thought you were dead?” I was both happy and surprised at the same time.
I realized he looks like my sister Aleu but the only difference is, he has grey blue eyes and he is really big. He looks a bit like dad. But I have to admit that Cayden has special eyes. Eyes that you’ll never forget it. Then I looked at his collar again. Wow that’s weird, that’s the same sign as on my head. I had that sign when I was born and nobody knows why and how it comes. I never cared about it but now I want to know everything. But then Cayden looked at me with a surprising face.
“Yes It’s me, but why are you here?” I ignored his question. Because first of all It’s none his business right? And second of all, I want to know the whole story about this.
“Hu… I thought you were dead like our parents said. I remember very clearly that mom said she had a son who was born dead and she named him Cayden.” I was very confused, my dead brother who I never met before is alive? Hmm so there are more secrets which I will find out sooner or later. But then Cayden looked at me, like he is looking for the right words to explain what happened that day.
“Yes… that part of the story is true…” I saw his face, he was a bit sad… he thought deeply to himself, trying to remember what happened that day and then he began to speak. I was wondering what he meant with a part of that story is true.
“People put me away out of the village, they thought I was dead and they wanted to grave me….” Cayden saw my face and realized that I wanted to say something… “let me finish my story.” “Ok”.. My ears were open to listen to his story. I want to know what happened on that day and I want to know how he survived and why people thought he was dead? “Well people graved a put but suddenly a white wolf appeared in the direction of the people and they were so scared that they ran away for their lives. The white wolf carried me to her home. I realized I had no one else except for her. She taught me everything, like hunting and other things. When I grew up I ran away from her to start my own life. And now I’m here… this was my story… but why are you here?” oh wow what has he suffered a lot, I wonder who that white wolf was and why did she save Cayden’s life. I have many questions to ask.
“I want to start a new life with freedom… that’s a sad story but why did they thought you were dead…?” I was very curious, I really want to know the reasons so that I can understand it all better.
“I can’t remember so well… I was still a puppy you know…” “Hmm, yeah that’s true sorry for that question… but who was the white wolf? And do you know why she saved your life?” He looked at me first and then he looked at the sky, it seems he is looking for his memories. “The white wolf hmm… she was our grandma.. everyday she is there to look what dad is doing, if everything is alright…” I looked at him, wait wait, grandma? I never met her, which I found sad, I would have loved to meet her. But now I don’t know if she is still alive or not. Cayden looked at me again and my stomach was grumbling. ” Euh, sorry I have not eaten since three days ago… I’m starving.” “Hmm, you need to work on your hunting skills. Follow me, I will teach you how to hunt. It is very easy actually, since you have a part of a wolf”s blood. That makes it more easier to hunt. The skilling of a wolf to hunt are more practical than a dog skillings hunt. Believe me, you should be happy that you’ve wolf blood in you.” I looked at him. He is smiling at me. After all these years, I met my missing brother. He looks like he”s a nice wolf. I see something in his eyes. The eyes of our dad, those brave eyes. ” You okay?” “Euh, yes, sorry I was focusing on something else.” Then my stomach grumbled. “Hmm, yeah you were focusing on food. Come follow me. “Okay”. So I followed him. He took me to a place, there were mountains and a lake , and grass? Hmm I see there is a den. That should be his home I guess. Then I felt the sky, It’s not so warm as were I was first. Now I understand why he picked up this place. It is really nice to tell the true. There was a tree, I see birds flying around. I can smell the nature of this place. “Beautiful, right?” I looked at Cayden and I nicked with my head. “Okay, I will show you how to hunt. But you’ve to focus on what I’m doing okay?” “Okay.” Cayden sat down in the grass, “Alright, I will teach you how to catch a rabbit. They are fast, but if you get close enough and have enough speed, you can catch it. Watch carefully.” He said and sneaked into the grass, getting closer to a bunny. I watched him, he was good hidden in the grass. He was close to the rabbit when he began to run. He bit the rabbIt’s back and carried it back to where I was. He laid down with the rabbit between paws,wow what was he fast. Cayden looked at me with the rabbit in his paws. “Did you watch carefully?” “Yes, I watched carefully” I answered. I wondered if I could hunt as good as him. “Good, then you catch your own now.” He said and began to eat his rabbit. I looked at him with open mouth. I thought we shared his kill.. I take my words back. He wasn’t that nice, at all. Sighs, hehe let’s give it a try. If not I always can ask in a sweet way to him if he could hunt a rabbit for me. What am I saying? I’m not a child anymore. I can do this on my own.
I sneaked closer to a rabbit, I remembered what he told me and took the chance to run after the rabbit. I ran and ran but finally I grabbed the rabbits back. I brought it back to Cayden, “Nice job!” He said. He had already eaten his rabbit. I laid down my rabbit, “Phew. That was harder than I thought.” “Yeah, it is hard to hunt. Sometimes it even ends up with no luck, so you have to go hungry to bed. But take your time to eat. And you can be proud, you did a good job.” I smiled and began to eat the rabbit, my first hunt, and it went perfect. I am proud of myself. I think I can live this way. The rabbit tasted better than dog food. The dog food was disgusted, if you had to eat that thing everyday, you will understand what I mean. I looked at the sky and realised it was late already. My eyes were tired, I went to the lake to drink some water. The water was cold and fresh. Much better water then we had in Nome. “You should get some sleep, tomorrow we will leave this place.” Said Cayden to me. I looked at him and was a bit confused. I just came here. My first day in Avarian and we’re going to leave tomorrow? “Leaving tomorrow? But I just got here today…”
“Well, I was thinking what you told me earlier. That you’re looking for a life with freedom and you need to go to Lost Ferals, that’s the best place to start your own life! I mean some places in Avarian can be nice, but I don’t think you will survive it due the big difference of temperature from here and from Alaska. Besides that Lost Ferals has the perfect ideal temperature and it is much beautiful than here, more nature.” I looked at him, he sounds like he knows what the best place was to start an adventure or life. But somehow I believed in him. This place is nice, but I won’t survive it for a long time. So he has a point on there and he made me curious about the place Lost Ferals, but I still wonder why dad sent me to Avarian. Maybe he knew about Cayden? I know there is more secrets behind that I will know one day. I stared at him and said: “Fine, I believe in you, if you say that’s the best place to start, then I will follow you. Because you know what the best is. But I have to tell you I never had hear about Lost Ferals in my life but it looks like something good to start with it…” I yawned I was really tired. Cayden looked at me and walked to my direction. “Lost Ferals is an amazing place, you would love it. But now it is time to go bed.” I was too tired and felt on the ground, my head was warm. Cayden carried to his den. It was much cooler than outside. The den was not that big but good enough for two wolves to sleep one night. But yeah tomorrow will be a big trip for both of us I think. Cayden laid down near me and kissed my head and whispered: “Sleep well sissy.” I smiled at him and slept like a baby.

Next day…
I woke up and smelt something delicious. I sniffed the scent and I slobbered. I looked at the ground. A dead bird. It seems someone was hunting for me. “Oh you’re awake, well I thought you might eat something before leaving this place.” Said Cayden. Hmm he was right. I will do what he says. I looked at the dead bird. It smelled so delicious that I began to eat it. As soon as I have eaten the bird, that Cayden gave me, I went to outside. “Okay let’s go, demanded Cayden.” So I followed him and we began to walk again. This time we are heading for Lost Ferals. I wondered what we should do there. Cayden didn’t say a word for a long time. We walked for a few hours, and suddenly I hear a noise. I looked to the direction from where the noise came from and saw a group of vultures, fighting over a piece of meat, “You don’t have to worry, these guys might look scary, but they are stupid like a piece of wood. And they only eat dead animals.” Cayden said. “Oh, phew.” I said. I was a bit scared but trusted Cayden. He has experience about all this.We walked and walked, Avaria is so big it looks like it never stops but we were getting closer to Lost Ferals. I don’t know where i am at the moment. I don’t know anything and I had to learn quickly to live like a real wolf. It was strange enough to think that my brother is alive. I have many questions to ask but let’s focus to Lost Ferals.
After some hours we finally came to a place, much different from Avarian. It reminded me of a place I once saw in a movie with the children in the town. What was it called? Oh yeah, The lion King. It was very beautiful here. My curiosity took over, I sniffed around but of course I was careful, if now an enemy should come or not. So this should be Lost Ferals. “Hehe, this is Lost Ferals, but we’re in realm.” Said Cayden to me while he looks at the entrance of the land. I look at him and said : “Hmm, it looks like the movie The lion king the movie I have seen with the children at Nome. They were watching tv and I watched as well. I kinda liked the movie. Oh, I just can’t wait to be king!” Cayden looked at me and he smiled, damn did I just sing? Euh Meimi focus, this is not a musical moment now. I look at Cayden again and said:
“But the only difference between the Lost Ferals and The Lion king was there are not so many animals to see. For example I don’t see an elephant or a giraffe or other animal all what I see are lions, brown lions, light blond lions, tigers and other cat race…” “Oh, well sis, I have no idea what you’re talking about the movie. But you’re wrong, there are other species here then just cats, for example there are many wolves living there at that place.”
“Wolves here? You sure it does not looks like.” “Wait and see” Said Cayden. I was curious about the wolves will I be welcome here? I looked at the lioness who was laying on the grass. She sounds me familiar. She looked at me and stand up. She came to us.
She had a golden fur and a light tan belly. She had brown eyes and and her face looked really friendly. She was a beautiful lioness.”Welcome to Lost Ferals realm”
“K-K-Kiara? Is that you?” I recognized her voice I was pretty sure it was her… from the movie I have seen with the children. It is her. Am I meeting a famous animal? that’s almost impossible, but could it be true? The lioness looked at me with a weird face. Like I have said something impossible. For me was it impossible. I hope i am wrong.
“Yes, I am Kiara but how do you know my name?” Euh well, how am I going to explain this. Cayden and Kiara looked at me because they were curious. “Well, you might not believe in me, what I am going to tell you.” I’m analysing her face. She seems to be serious and she wanted to know an answer. I looked at her amber eyes, and I swallowed. I hope she will understand me. I took a deep breath. ” Well, when I lived in Nome, I used to watch movies with children…” Suddenly Kiara interrupted me. ” What? Children? You were living with the humans?” She growled at me and shows her teeth. “Let me explain , this is not what you think.” “You do not have to explain me anything, please leave now.” She was still angry. “Look, I am not leaving, I just came here. Can I talk to your father Simba or to your mother Nana. They will understand me. ” How do you know about my parents?” Asked Kiara curiously and she looked at Cayden. “Did you tell her about me?” Cayden looked at Kiara and he was surprised just like her. “Euh no I did not.. I have no idea how she knows about you. But now she meant about you. So you’re the daughter of the king?”
“Yes, I am.” She said. “Oh, that reminds me. Where is Kovu your mate? I would love to meet him. You two sing perfect.” Oops next time before I will say something, I will think about what I am going to say. Because I think I made Kiara angry, somehow… “Guards! Take this crazy wolf away.” Grommet Kiara to me. “You’re a spion are not you? You work for Samara right?! I could have known it before!” Shouted Kiara to me and she shows her big white teeth and I swallowed.”Samara? I do not know what you’re talking about and I’m not a spion, I was never here before and i am telling you the true. People make crazy stuffs, but all what I said was true.” She looked at me and like I said, she is angry. “Hmm, I don’t know.” Growls Kiara. “Guards! Are you coming or not?”shouted Kiara. “Wait wait, please Kiara. You’re not that bad, I mean, I just got here. Can I please drink some water and sleep here for one night. I’m begging you, I’m very thirsty, we ran for hours.” Kiara was doing sentry-go, she was thinking. Hmm I think something had happened before, because the way she reacted, was stressful. “Nice job have you done sis.” Whispered Cayden mad at me. “I’m sorry” whispered I back. I’m really sorry, I didn’t wanted to make her angry. She didn’t believed in me, it sounds like I’m crazy or something. “Okay, you can stay here for one night but tomorrow you’ll leave this place!” Demanded Kiara to me. Suddenly two dark brown lions appeared. “I’m here princess, are there any problems?” “No it is fine, I have under my control. You two stay here and guard this place when I come back. Did you understood me?” Asked Kiara clearly to the two lions. The lions did pay attention to her words. “Yes, miss!” “Okay, I will bring this two wolves to The Diamond Lake. “You redwolf what is your name?” Asked Kiara while she was staring at me. “I’m Meimi…” “Okay Meimi, follow me, I will bring you to The Diamond Lake.” “Diamond Lake? What a funny name.” “It isn’t funny, I will tell you why at the lake, but now silence and follow me please.” Wow Kiara was not in the right mood. I wish I could explain it to her and show it to her with her own eyes. But now I’m wondering who is Samara? And why does the lake calls: The Diamond Lake? It is really a strange name for a lake for telling the true. I never had hear something like that in my life. I will ask it to her when I get that chance. We walked through the entrance of the land. It was beautiful, it looked like a jungle. Amazone or something, but on the same time it looks like an African land. that’s what Lost Ferals makes so special I think. While Kiara was leading us to The Diamond Lake, I was analysing her. Me and my big mouth. I should have known this before how she will react. I sighs. Lost Ferals is indeed amazing. I love the nature from here and I felt sorry for what I did. Kiara lead us and we followed her. I couldn’t resist so I walked near her. She was bigger than me but I wanted to say something, I couldn’t. I was thinking what I’m going to say. “Meimi… there is something I wanted to say to you.” Said Kiara to me and I looked at her. Now she sounds sad and worry on the same time. “Sure go ahead.” “I’m sorry , I shouldn’t treat you the way I did. I think you were telling the true. People do make strange stuffs. I’m sad and worry. When you said about Kovu and my parents, I had to remember what all had happened to me….I don’t know where my father is and where my mate Kovu is. They disappeared without saying anything to me. Now I have to take care about everything but is really difficult and hard time for me. If you understand what I’m saying.” I looked at her and now I understood why she reacted like that to me. “Hmm, yes now I understand you, sorry to hear that. If there is anything that we can help you just ask.” “There is nothing what you two wolves can help me…” Kiara looked down and we were still walking. “I wonder if we can help you looking for your dad and Kovu. I mean they are somewhere, they can’t be disappeared from earth right?” Kiara looked at me and she wondered what I just had said. I looked at her brown eyes. Her eyes tells me how sadness she is even she tries to be strong her eyes will always say the other way. “You’re right, only if you two wants to help me looking for my dad and Kovu. I would appreciate it really. It means a lot for me. Meimi thanks for giving me the hope.” I looked at her again and her eyes tells me that she is happy and I smiled at her. I looked at Cayden. It seems he was not listening to our conversation. He was staring at the beautiful nature of Lost Ferals. “Sure we will help you to find them.” I said to Kiara. “Great, we are almost there at the lake. You would love the lake, it is really special.” “Special? How special?” I was wondering what she meant about special. “Wait and see, I will tell you everything about the lake.” “Ok” And there were still walking. We were walking and we didn’t said a word to each other. I have no idea what to say, I was staring at the nature just like Cayden.

Few minutes later….
It was already night and we stopped with walking. I see a lake, it isn’t that big. It is small and I see some trees around the lake. But what I see on the lake, there is something special. A rare white stone in the midden of the lake. But there is something remarkable on the stone, something written on the stone. Which took me attention. I looked at the stone to see if I can read it what is written but the stone is written in an unknown language. Even the water shined like diamonds. Ah now I get it why it calls The Diamond Lake. When I took a look at the water, I could see myself as a shiny wolf with little diamonds on me. I also saw ying yang fishes, cool never knew that kind of fishes existed.That was impressed and beautiful to watch it. I could stare at the water for hours but I remember I had thirsty. I began to drink. Few seconds later, something weird happened with the lake. There came a big flash lights from the lake in the direction to me. First I was scared, the flash light came from nothing but it felt good somehow. Everyone was hiding, the flashlight was very big and strong, I closed my eyes, I was afraid to be blind. One minute later, the flash light disappeared and the lake was back to normal. I look around to see if I’m still the same and if everyone was all right. But what a weird strange feeling was that. I saw Kiara and Cayden running to me. “You okay sis?” asked Cayden worried. “I can’t believe my eyes, you’re the Orenda!” said Kiara loudly to me. I look at her and her eyes was big, she was analysing me. “Excuse me what did you said that I was?” “You’re the Orenda. I still can’t believe my own eyes.” “Orenda? what’s that and why are you acting like something miracles just has happened.” I don’t understand what Kiara meant and what is Orenda? What did just happened? I’m not following it. “Sighs, let me explain it to you Meimi. Orenda means The Magic Power, it means you’ve all the power that exist on this world.” I looked at her with my eyes. I just don’t believe what I’m hearing. Cayden opened his mouth. He was quiet and didn’t said a word. “You’re kidding me right Kiara…” “No, Meimi I’m not kidding you I’m telling you the true. Let me explain it to you. You certainly have paid attention to that white rock over there in the water. Well there is a legend. When someone drink at this lake at the full moon, there might come something special to that animal. That animal will be the Orenda who can save the world. Only the spirits of this lake can decide who the Orenda will be. The last Orenda we have seen or known was 250 years ago. I thought it was just a legend. But now I see with my own eyes it is real. Samara’s plans will now certainly to be destroyed by you Meimi. I’m so happy that this nightmare will be over soon.” “Wait wait, stop, this can’t be true. I’m not the right animal that can save the world and lol if there need to be saved. I think you took the wrong one and who is Samara?” “Meimi… I didn’t decide this if they choose you, they know why and Samara sighs. She is a bad wolf, who has evil plans to destroy the earth , to take over the world.” “You think I believe this is true? That someone can take the whole world? Kiara, I’m tired, I’m going to sleep , I will be leaving tomorrow like you demanded.” “No, Meimi, please stay, the world needs you. This is not a joke. You’re the Orenda! I know this sounds strange for you and it is a bit scary , I know but I can’t help. You’ve the power inside you.”
“Really? I don’t care this so much, all I wanted was just to be free, to live like a normal wolf and now I got this craziness power or legend power. I’m tired, I’m going to sleep.” I see Kiara sad, I didn’t wanted to make her sad. But this is just crazy, I need to think. “Promise me, will you stay here?” asked Kiara. Sighs, “I will think okay? We will talk tomorrow about it. Goodnight everyone.” What a strange day, I think this is just one big dream. I poked myself. Ouch, hmm I guess I’m not dreaming. Why me? Sighs let’s try to sleep. I had a wonderful dream. I dreamed with my mom. “Mom is that you? Yes sweetheart, please take care and I hope you enjoy your trip.” Said my mom. I was so happy to hear her voice again. “Yes mom I’m having a nice trip…” then I realized she was gone. She went away to nowhere. I was sad; I wanted to tell to my mom what had happen to me today and all this crazy stuff but suddenly. I’m hearing something. A black wolf woke me up and the others. I opened my eyes and yawned. I looked at the black female wolf, she is big much bigger than a normal size of a wolf. She has scary yellow eyes and on her right eye I see a big scar. “Oh no… that’s Samara…” whispered Kiara to me. So that’s Samara. I took a look again to her. There is something that tells me, this is not just a wolf. There is more but what?
“Go away from our lake!” screamed Samara to us. I see she wasn’t alone. She had companies. “Your lake?!” growled Cayden protected. Cayden shows his teeth to Samara. He wasn’t afraid of her. “Yes and now go away!” Samara made me angry. Who thinks that she is. “Who think that you are and why is this your lake, the lake is from everyone!” Said I angry to Samara, I showed her my white teeth. I’m not afraid of her but I have no idea what is going on here and who Samara really is. But it seems I got an enemy. That idea of having an enemy, made me feel sad. I don’t like it. “Oh well well, what do we got here. Two newcomers, well better saying two babies.” Laughed Samara at us. I growled, I’m not a baby! “Go away, Samara.” Said I loudly to her and I still show her my teeth.
“HAHA, wow that baby red wolf knows my name. Let me introduce you myself “cause you have no idea who I’m, stranger. I’m Samara, the strongest alpha of my pack. So now we have introduced ourself, go away, or else!” I look at her and I know immediately that she was the bad one… Kiara was right about her. I have no chance to win this fight. I mean look at her, she is much bigger then I’m. Besides that she is an alpha of a pack, that means she is not alone. But I hear what she said to me. “Or else what I asked?” “Euh no! Can we not talk about this?” asked Kiara worry and I look at Kiara. What I don’t understand is. Kiara is the daughter of Simba, the princess of this land. Which means if Simba is not here, she will lead the land, right? So why is then Samara the boss here? I have to figure this out, soon or later.
“Ok, my patient is over if this what you want, a fight then you’ll have it!” shouted Samara angry to us. Fight? I don’t want to fight with a big wolf like her. Samara ran like a wind in the direction to Kiara. She was so fast that I couldn’t stop her. She was biting in Kiara”s leg. “NO KIARA!” Screamed I so loud! I was in panic! How could Samara do something like that to her. I went to Kiara to see if she was alright. She was bleeding and I got angry. I turned me up to see where Samara was. “Now you’ll have to pay for it!” said Cayden to Samara. Cayden made a step backwards with his right back leg and with his left foreleg he stepped forward. I took a look at him, what was he trying to do? Couldn’t he run after her to bite her tail or something. He made me curious, I was watching what he was trying to do. He took a look to the ground and took a deep breath. I saw his body was shaking a little bit. Suddenly he watched Samara with his deep brave eyes and there came fire out his mouth! It was amazing, how he just did with that special move. I wasn’t waiting for this and on the same time I was wondering how he did that or was I dreaming? The fire did not reached to Samara. I was disappointed. Cayden looked at me and said: “Sis, do what I do.” “But I can’t, I thought a normal wolf can’t attack with fire. “Just do!” “Okay, don’t be disappointed then when I can’t do it.” “I won’t, I know you can do this.” I realized I wasn’t dreaming after all, this is real. So I did and I tried to do the same thing as Cayden, a step backwards with my right back leg and with my left foreleg I stepped forward and I took a deep breath. But somehow my fire attack was different. My fire was blue and strong, it reached to Samara and it burned her tail, she suddenly went to the lake and put her tail in the water and after that she ran away with the others like a wind. I went to Kiara and to Cayden I want some declaration.
“How is this possible? How can we use fire?” I was so curious. I don’t know how I did that. It was great! “Like I said Meimi… you’re the Orenda.” Said Kiara to me. “But how comes that Cayden could use fire?” “Well some animals do have powers, but they don’t have the powers like you. For example, someone can do only fire attack just like Cayden. You just have to be lucky if you can do something special, because not everyone have powers like me for example.” “But why me? I’m nothing special, Cayden is brave and he could be the Orenda.” “I don’t know they chose you, you should accept that.” Hmm I guess I believe what Kiara is telling me. Kiara stood up. “Ouch!” “You okay?” Yes I’m fine. Can you bring me to a place?” Asked Kiara to me. I look at Cayden and he nodded and I looked back at Kiara, her feet was bleeding very hard. She got hurted by hard and I felt sorry for her. “Yes sure.” “Okay, I will tell you where you’ve to bring me and then I can tell you more about Samara and about Orenda. But can you bring me to the lake please?” “Okay.” Cayden took Kiara to the lake and we cleaned her feet and she finally has stopped with bleeding. What a day I still can’t believe that I’m the Orenda that Kiara so wondered. I’m curious about what she is going to say to me about Samara and I want to know more about the Orenda stuff.


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