I live in Nome, a happy town. Every year there is a dogsled race. So here I am laying in the snow between two houses, watching the children playing with balls and the snow. I was watching the race, and I felt sad. I don’t know why I felt that way. I think I’m tired of my live. A part of me wants to do something different. My heart tells me to do something different. I don’t belong here in Alaska, I just can feel it and I couldn’t live like a normal husky, playing with children, doing the dogsled race. It was a bit boring to me to live that way. All I did was running, playing with children, cuddling, eating and other stuff.
I’m lying and thinking what I should do. And I decided to start a new life with freedom.
I have to talk with my parents, I know this would be hard on them, but they have to understand my feelings.
I saw dad talking with my mum near the frozen lake and I decided to go to them. I took a deep breath and walked to them. They saw me coming. “Hey honey, are you okay? You seem to be a little nervous.” Said mum. I took a deep breath again and said “Mum, Dad? I need to talk to you… it is really important.”
“Hmm I can see, It’s all over your face, go ahead honey.” Said mum. “Meimi is there something wrong?” Asked dad wondering.
Okay this is my chance to tell them what I always wanted to say. I’m not sure how they will take it, but I hope they will understand my opinion.
“Well… there is nothing wrong dad, but I don’t belong here….” My parents looked at me with un-understandable eyes. “How do you mean sweetie?” Asked my mum curiously.
“Well… how am I going to tell you this… well.. I’ve had this feeling for ages now and a part of me wants to meet the world, wants to go on an adventure. I don’t want to stay here… I hope you two will understand my feelings.”
Now I was a bit scared for what they were going to say or what they were thinking. I saw my dad shocked and my mum was just waiting for my dad to say something. “Are you out of your mind? There is no way you’re going away, you’re still a child!” Said my dad angry. My dad was really angry, I wasn’t waiting for that reaction. I thought he would understand the way I felt, but it seems he doesn’t … “I’m not a child anymore dad, I’m an adult and this how I really feel, I want to be happy. Not staying here for the rest of my life doing that same stuff everyday.” “Stop acting childish, you’re still my little girl!” “Sweetheart you’re overreacting, our daughter wants to start her own life. You want your daughter to be happy right? So let her do what she wants to do.” Said my mum in a calm voice. My mum was always so understandable, you could talk to her about everything and she would always be there to listen to your story and help you if you needed it. She is really wonderful and I know I’m going to miss her.
“Honey, what will people think when they found out our little girl ran away and her brothers and sisters… what will they think of us.” “Sweetheart, her brothers and sisters will understand her point, no worries about that and the people, who cares about it? It happens a lot, dogs run away from their family to find a new life. This is not new Balto, and you know that. Don’t be selfish and think of your daughter, is this what you really want for her, keeping her for the rest of her life here and make her unhappy? I don’t think so.”
I saw my dad walking around and thinking hard, he knows my mum was right but he doesn’t want to accept it. Suddenly he stopped walking around and was looking for my face. When he found my face, he stared at me for a few seconds and took a deep breath and finally said:
“Well sweetheart, is this what you really want?”
“Yes, dad, I have thought enough about this and I really want to go for it.”
“Well, what can I say, my little girl is growing up and a part of you is a wolf, it seems you’ve more wolf blood then dog blood. When I was your age, I also took my decision, I wanted to be a dog. Just like the other dogs, be loved by people, cuddling, caring and so on, but now is your turn to make your own decision. Go for it, but promise me that you’ll take care of yourself?” My dad sounds like he was crying, but doesn’t want to show it. His reaction was insusceptible, I mean, he changed his mind so fast. I will miss him, because he is always brave and smart and I love him. I hope one day I will be brave just as him. And I couldn’t believe what I just heard. Actually, I’m happy to have these wonderful parents who love me and understand the way I feel.
“Yes, I promise, thanks dad!” “But, what about your brothers and sisters? Are you going to leave without saying goodbye to them?” asked my mum. “Mum, if I stay here, they might change my mind, but I will talk to them after dinner, is that alright?” Suddenly my mom began to cry and I give her a big hug. “This is not a goodbye you know mum, I love you very much.” “I love you too honey, but it is just that I’m going to miss my child, you’re growing up so quickly, but I understand your point.” We hugged each other and made a long last walk.

It was late and it was dinnertime. The people in town left and it was empty. You could see the beautiful night sky, the stars and the moon. It was a beautiful thing to watch. So there I was watching the sky, looking around and realising that this town where I grew up is actually beautiful. The memories won’t go away, that’s for sure. I went home with my parents. When we got there, we sat on the same place as always, near the fireplace, my brothers and sisters waiting for their food just like I was. Sitting on the ground looking at our bowl waiting for the people give us our food. And when we finally got our food, my brothers and sisters were howling like crazy because they were happy to get some food and they are also happy to live that way. When we finished eating I told my brothers and sisters about the decision I took. To tell the truth they were pretty shocked. I saw their face, looking weird at me. They didn’t understand the way I felt but then my sister Aleu, who doesn’t look like us, she looked more like dad, she is big and light grey but has the eyes of mom, she was beautiful, she accepted my decision and told my brothers and sisters that I was brave, because I had an opinion that they didn’t have. Everyone is different and everyone wants to be happy, but to get happiness we have to work and fight for it. Thanks to Aleu my brothers and sisters finally understood my point and they hugged me, because I know they will miss me, but they also have their own lives. I went outside, while the rest of the family were relaxing near the fireplace and telling some stories. I looked at the sky and thought of the whole situation, if it was the right thing to do. What will happen to me? Will I have the life I always wanted? I know I shouldn’t be worried about this. Just go and destiny will lead my way. The wind blew through my hair and I loved it, the lovely soft wind. I sniffed the air, and I sniffed my dad, who was right behind me. I turned around. “Hi dad.” “Wow, you just shocked me, your nose works pretty well I guess. I hope I didn’t disturb you sweetheart.” “Not at all, come sit next to me and look at the sky dad.” So my dad sat next to me and we were just looking at the sky. Then I looked at my dad’s eyes, those strong, brave eyes. I knew he wanted to tell me something but I decided I’ll just wait for when he’s ready to say it. After all these years, I will have my own life. Tomorrow I will be leaving this family and I will start my own adventure. I can’t wait for it. While I was daydreaming my dad said something to me that I haven’t heard. “Sweetie? You still there?” I got distracted and decided to say something quickly. “Yes, sorry dad, I was daydreaming, did you say something?” “Yes, I said something, I said , I have been thinking a lot about your decision and I think the best place to start is, Avarian.

Avarian is a very adventurous place, the climate there is not like here. It is really warm there, but no worries, there is food, water etc… The reason why I’m telling you this is because my mum was born there and I heard a lot of stories about Avarian I was there once but I was a puppy so I can’t remember much about it. But what I have heard is that it is a really great place. You should go there.” “Avarian? Hmm never about it, where is it?” “It is in the South, miles away from here, it will be a long trip, sweetheart. Do you think you can handle it? You still have time left to resist, you know that right?” “Yes dad , I can handle this, I’m big enough to take care of myself.” Suddenly my dad gave me a hug, he cried, he will miss me, I hugged him strongly back. I love him so much. “It’s late sweetie, you should go to sleep, tomorrow is a big day for you and you know that.” “Yeah, you’re right, let’s sleep.” I smiled at him and went back inside, I was walking towards my soft bed near the fireplace, while the others sleep next to each other, I was thinking about tomorrow. I’m really excited but I should sleep now. Well I’m going to try to sleep.

Next day…
I woke up. Everything was on the right place. I got food in my bowl, I ate it re-laxly. This would be the last time I will eat something terrible, bah. I hope that I’ll find better food outside, but I’ll probably have to hunt, but yeah I’ll learn it. My sisters and brothers were already awake and they were playing outside. I won’t say goodbye to them, it will hurt me. I will just say goodbye to my parents, the rest will understand it. Because they know how I am. I don’t like saying goodbye, I know sometimes I’m too cold for that. But I don’t want to see crying faces or that they’ll change my mind. No no, it should be like this. When I finished eating and drank some water, I checked everything, the house, the street, the town. Just to save this memory of the town where I grew up. My parents were waiting for me outside of our house. I went to them. They were just sitting on the cold snow ground, they were not crying or with sad face. They were actually happy which wandered me. “Hi mom, hi dad. I’m just here to say goodbye and to say how much I love you two. I will never forget you two and what you all have done for me. I will appreciate it for the rest of my life. I promise I’ll come visit.”

“Here take this.” My mum took off her red bandana and she put it on me. Which made me crying, I mean this bandana meant a lot for my mum, so why me? I looked at my mom, into her beautiful eyes and asked her. “What are you doing, that’s your favourite bandana, I can’t take it.”

“Honey, just accept it, it will give you luck and you’ll always think of us, so you’re not alone.” That’s true, but there is no way that I will forget them, I mean they mean so much to me and I’m always going to wear this bandanna, so I can remember my mom’s perfume, how beautiful she is, her laugh and her kindness, I will never forget her and dad. I thank my mum for giving her bandana and I hugged my parents.

Suddenly I ran away, I will miss them. But I ran , because I’m not good at saying goodbye and this hurts me to hear them saying goodbye or something else, I didn’t want to hear it, so I ran away. I heard them shout at me: “PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF and DO NOT FORGET US.” But I could not re-shout back, I was too far away.
But I howled and hoped that they will hear my howl.
I was wearing my mom’s scarf and thought about her. But I have to face this. Avarian here I come.


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