It’s been a while , I took a break. But now I kinda missed it , everything is written down in my head but I never search time to write it down. It’s half true story, with true I meant, Firewolfpack did exist on a game that called ‘Second life’. But I left every computer or virtually detail out. How we met is also true, those characters does existed. Some had another name but like I said I wanted every computer detail left out. So in this world magic was true. It was very roleplaying but I was new in there and I always loved the story of Balto. Sooner or later I found out you could do so much more on this game. Those were really good times. But today I decided I will write it down as a fanfiction. You may like it or you may not like it. The story is based on a true fact, Meimi did really got banned from Lost Ferals, but not from what you will be reading. She was banned because she was teleporting around the place and … they wanted to keep it as much as real like you had walk … and every wolf was not really welcome anymore because the sim (the place) was sold to someone who was really into the lion king, so the whole sim changed into Simba kingdom. But not much later the place got bankruptcy. I always loved the history of old Greek / Roman and Egypt. And I am fan of Xena the warrior princess so I kinda decided that I will make a mix between : xena, balto, avatar the last airbender and charmed. I hope you like my fiction and it is a tribute to my pack who doesn’t exist anymore. But it is reminder of what a virtual game can do with your life, it can help you making new friends and everyone has their story to tell. For you it might be a game but it is a game created by many other people who has their talent and their story to tell. That’s why I loved Second Life that much.


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